Racism Essay

Racism is the belief that all members of each race posses characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races (Google definition). I was born in the southern United States where racism is unfortunately very common. Most people experience their childhood in one social society. Although it was not easy, I had the privilege of experiencing two social societies. I am biracial; my father is black and my mother is white. Being a biracial child does have many advantages and disadvantages.

Most people experience their childhood in one social society. Although it was not easy, I had the privilege of experiencing two. I was born and raised for the first four years of my life in Clarksdale, Mississippi, USA. Having an interracial relationship with biracial kids down south in the 90’s was frowned upon, making being together tough on my parents. According to my dad who is black, said that when they were out in public together, people would give them dirty looks, and he said that eventually he got use to how things were because racism was huge while he was growing up as well. My mom on the other hand was not use to this due to the fact that she is white and grew up in Ontario. While my parents were in public, my mom said that people would shake their heads, make inappropriate comments, and talk about my parents. Older black women and the white people even called her names and treated them both poorly.

Being a biracial child has its advantages and disadvantages. Around the time and area my brother and I were born, having a white mom and a black dad was not very common. People did not support their choices 100%. My mom’s parents were not happy when they found out my mother was dating a black man; they were concerned about her safety. My dad’s parents did not mind it at all; they were supportive through most of it. They were ecstatic to hear their first grandchild was on her way.

Its tough to be biracial sometimes, kids now a days go around dropping the N word like its nothing. When I am filling out forms that ask you your race, they have options like White, Black, Native, Hispanic etc. It makes it difficult to decide which one to choose; occasionally there is a box that says other but rarely.

When it was time for me to go to school, my parents applied to multiple schools around Clarksdale. No schools accepted my request except one. It was an all white school, and the only reason why they accepted me was to get a better funding and it would have been beneficial to have a minority in their school.

Racism will always be something that people will take part in. People are not born racist; they’re raised that way. If everyone taught their children that we are all the same, and that no race is superior to another, things in the world may just be at peace. From experience, I try my best to over look the racism going on in this world. I try not to partake in the childish behaviours toward others.