My bucket list 

•sky dive 

•bungee jump 

•fishing in the Caribbean 

•volunteer in a third world country 

•travel the world

•get a sleeve

•adopt an animal 

•get a hairless cat 

•gator hunt in Louisiana swamps

•go hog/bore hunting 

•eat spaghetti in Italy 

•visit the leaning tower of Pisa 

•visit the country side of Ireland 

•ride a double decker bus in England 

•visit the Statue of Liberty & time square 

•visit the bean in Chicago 

•fish out east in Canada (PEI, Nova Scotia etc)

✔️go to a country concert

•go to Los Vegas 

•get married, in a barn 

•own a jacked up truck 

•take my parents on a trip

•own a fishing boat 

•visit Dubai 

•go to a Lil Wayne concert 

✔️see Chris Young live 

•go to boots and hearts 

•visit Nashville, TN

✔️star watch from the bed of a truck with my S/O

•throw a dart at a map, travel to where ever it lands to 

•learn Spanish 

•go to Quebec and watch the transport races

•stay at the Le Meridien Bora Bora 

•fishing in the Florida keys

•go to the Calgary stampede 

•climb the stairway to heaven in Hawaii