Death Penalty Debate

A couple of years ago I took the Border Services program as a potential career path. In my Criminal and Civil law class, we were given an assignment to debate against another group on the death penalty in Canada. My group was all for bringing back the death penalty, the other group was against it. Although I do not have everyones debates, here is what I wrote.

Criminal & civil law: Canada Should Bring Back the Death Penalty

Canada should bring back the death penalty because if the convict has committed a serious crime for example; rape, torture, murder and all other serious crimes they should not have the right to live. If someone puts another person through pain in anyway whether it be physically or mentally; I feel they need to understand what they have put the other person through.

People fear death; therefore by bringing back the death penalty to Canada, it will be a warning to those thinking about committing a serious crime. It is not worth your own life to kill or torture another’s.

Now that the lethal injection is used in the states, it does cost almost twice as much as keeping them incarcerated for life but that is only a one-time fee. Rather then using the electrocution chair, hanging someone, the firing squad, and a gas chamber or beheading them; they use lethal injection as a form of the death penalty. It is not as messy and it’s a quick way to end someone’s life. It first puts the person to sleep, and then it stops their breathing and then their heart. It is a less cruel way of killing someone.

By bringing back the death penalty to Canada, this may provide closure for the victims or the victims family and friends. Knowing that the person who killed or tortured their friend or family member is no longer alive and that they wont have to worry about them anymore. This also would reduce the amount of inmates escaping from prison.



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